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New product development process for SMEs

2013 - 2015


Supervised by

Prof. Hokyoung Ryu

Imagine X Lab, Hanyang University


Project teams:

Imagine X Lab, UX agency, Business consulting agency, KIDP

My role:

UX researcher

Research methodologies:

design thinking workshop,  affinity diagram, concept testing


This research was incubated for how to help SMEs (small and medium enterprises) as they need to innovate their R&D for the future. A web-based platform consisting of R&D strategy support tool-kit, Product & Service ideation tool-kit, and business model evaluation tool-kit was developed to support the SMEs who do not have in-house designer or UX practitioner. Specifically, we conducted several design-thinking workshops with non-designers such as engineer, marketer, or CEO of SMEs to validate the ideation tool-kit. For the NPD (New Product Development) programme, several SMEs were joined this project and several product items are commercially introduced.   

Research Aim

  • We presented the abstraction hierarchy for both a divergent and convergent ideation tool and conducted workshops with non-designers.

  • We validate whether the ideation toolkit could derive a better idea in terms of its novelty, and marketability

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