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2016 - 2018

Funded by Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology


Supervised by

Prof. Gyuhyun Kwon

Imagine X Lab, Hanyang University


Project teams:

Imagine X LabCO:UX Design Lab,

UX Agency (People Inside), 

UX Professional Association in Korea,

2 Small-Medium sized Enterprises


My role:

UX researcher & Junior Project Manager

Research methodologies:

design workshop, questionnaire,

affinity diagram, wireframe


As the local manufacturing industry in Korea has entered a phase of stagnation, service and product design based on user experience has been highlighted as an alternative to innovation. However, SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) are still struggling to overcome the current crisis. One of the reasons is that SMEs do not have a contact point with the validated UX firms and experts, which is weak to persuade them to invest in new opportunity area, user experience.​

Project Goal

Build a web-based platform which is composed of three subsystems, a marketplace for UX knowledge sharing, a bidding system to support SMEs to find proper UX Experts who can solve their problems and a collaboration tool for UX projects. ​​​​

  • Develop a matching algorithm between SMEs and UX Experts

  • Build a product-lifecycle framework that arranges the 

  • Build a UX knowledge repository that supports SME's further understanding of UX value


  •  Lee, A., Kang, H. J., & Kwon, G. H. (2017). Categorization of UX method based on UX expert's competence model. Society of Design Convergence 16(4) 1-16. 

  • Kang, H. J., Lee A., & Kwon G. H. (2017). Values for the Online Professional Community. Proc of HCI Korea 2017. 137-140.

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